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Trinity Lutheran Church / Photos - LWML Ladies & Birthday Celebration

TLC held it's first LWML Sunday on the 11th of February 2018 at both the 8:00 am and 10:00 am services.

Map showing all the LWML missions made possible by the donation of $22 million in mite box offerings, since the LWML inception in 1942.

Map completed by Lowell Watson, husband of Holly Watson, LWML Treasurer

Pastors and women Serving Our Savior (S.O.S.) as members of LWML and also service volunteers for the 8:00 am and 10:00 am worship service.

8:00 am worship service

Left to right - Rev. Liebich, Lucy Ludwig, Clare Kieselburg, Lisa Spargur, Betty Clemens, Tamera Dannewitz, Marg Dunlap, Nadene Hodler, Holly Watson, Lanette Schmidt, Rev. Schmidt

10:00 am worship service

Left to right

Back Row - Karen Sleichert, Connie Mizzer, Gudrun Janke, Marion Buie, Karen Kirkland, Barb Monson, Linda Rogers, Heather Euler, Tamera Dannewitz, Lanette Schmidt

Front Row - Vicky Davis, Jonti Lute, Catherine Byrne, Judy Scarangella, Mary Stalvey

LWML Banner - reminds us to always be prepared to share God's Word 

Banner was donated, for sharing, by Karen Sleichert and her northern LCMS church in Menomonie Wisconsin.

Tamera Dannewitz, Holly Watson and Karen Sleichert


Pastor Clyde - Birthday Celebration

Surprise! Celebrating Pastor Clyde's 89th birthday and still going strong as he leads the 6 week Bible study.

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